Soft, snug and incredibly stimulating, boasting an extra large stimulator that reaches far past the average, the dual-ringed O8, with its perfectly placed, distinctly powerful bullet vibe, plus a creatively full coverage design was specifically created to add more stamina,  support and overall enjoyment to couple sex. Offering the many benefits of a classic cock and ball ring, namely, enhancing erection strength and stamina, along with truly powerful single speed vibration, the O8 is wonderfully versatile, and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of positions.

Comprised of Screaming O’s supple, extra stretchy SEBS silicone, the O8 is perfectly safe for even very sensitive skin, and easily and comfortably fits most penises. This ring isn’t overly snug, but it provides a gentle, insistent pressure around the base and balls that helps maintain an impressive erection while holding the intense single speed vibrating bullet in it’s dreamily textured slot securely in place. Fits most. Requires AG13 cell batteries, which are included, along with replacements. Waterproof.